Adrenal Characterization

9% of population have adrenal adenomas
adrenal also common site of metastases, particularly lung carcinoma

The following evaluation is derived from Caoili et al. Enter the HU from the adrenal mass into the calculator. Adrenal adenomas have two properties that can be used to distinguish them from nonadenomas.

1. Adenomas contain lipid and will be of low attenuation at unenhanced CT.
2. Adenomas rapidly washout contrast material

Injection 150 ml contrast at 2 ml/sec
Initial Enhanced attenuation measured at 60 sec
Delayed attenuation measured at 15 minutes
Measure ROI at least 1/2 size of mass
  Sensitivity Specificity Likelihood ratio + test Likelihood ratio - test
% Relative Washout (adenomas > 40%) 82 (59-96) 92 (79-98) 11 (4-32) 0.2 (0.08-0.48)
% Enhancement Washout (adenomas > 60%) 86 (65-98) 92 (79-98) 11 (4-34) 0.15 (0.05-1.4)
n = 166 patients (adenoma 127, nonadenoma 39) (from Caoili et al)
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Resources: Management of the clinically inapparent Adrenal Mass "Incidentaloma" NIH State-of-the-Science Conference Feb 4-6, 2002.

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